Linkin Park's autographs


Hi everyone!

I would like to ask (maybe someone knows) if there is any chance to get autographs from Chester or Mike? I wanted to send an email to them but unfortunately i didn’t find any address. Did any of you try to contact them in any way?


Your only chance is a M&G or a contest of some sorts.


I know I can get it then, unfortunately now it’s impossible for me. I just wanted to find out other options which would be available for this moment, because that would be the fulfillment of my boyfriend’s biggest dream… :slight_smile:


Forgery is your friend :joy:

But on a serious note, what @evooba said is about right.


Nooo, I wouldn’t do it to him. But maybe… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s really sad, for them it’s just a few letters on the paper but for us… Anyway, I hope someday i’ll get it :slight_smile:


A few million if every fan asked them for it, they’d spend more time writing autographs than music.


Yeah, I know, I’m just dreaming. Possibility to listen their music is better than autographs… :metal:


You could always search them on Google. Or take up calligraphy.


It wouldn’t be the same, but thanks for the ideas! :slight_smile: