Linkin Park's boots


Hello guys
I want to buy this shoes - but i can;t find any opinion on the internet, maybe someone bought this shoes and can say me something about that? thanks a lot for all


These are great shoes - if you can afford the 175$ - go for it


I would like to buy one of this too!
But I’m from Brazil and I’m going to NY and Orlando next February. And I’d like to try it on before buying it.
This boots are sold only on the web or are sold in physical store too? Where can I find it?


@Adamoxx what do you mean you can’t find an option. It’s all on the link you posted. Just add them to your cart and follow the steps.

@Taissa_Cartolano They’re not sold anywhere but the internet. Size shouldn’t be an issue. They’re regular army like boots with the only difference that they have the LP logo on it. I actually don’t see the point in buying them anyways… you can find the exact same boots with a much lower price pretty much everywhere.


@evooba OP is looking for opinions not options.

He’s asking if anyone else has tried these shoes. Do they run smaller or bigger than normal sizes? Are they good quality? You can’t just buy stuff on the internet without trying them on or seeing if anyone else has size issues because half the time the sizing numbers don’t match everyone else’s sizing numbers.


@kathyxx I missread what he wrote. I’m sorry. No need to reply to me like I’m an idiot or a child who doesn’t understand.

As for sizing, who doesn’t know their size? If you know your size in this or that type of shoe then you can buy them anywhere. Some people just need to feel safe before buying something I guess so they just have to try them on. Same goes for quality, if you buy from certain brands you just know you can trust them with pretty much everything. I find online shoe shopping amazing (that’s why I do it anyways) and it has a lot of perks but it’s up to the person’s liking in the end.


No you can’t just know your size and then buy a shoe. Some shoes do in fact run smaller or larger than their size is labeled. I wear an 8 1/2, and one boot I really wanted online had a bunch of people commenting that the shoe they ordered is way small, so I ordered a 9, and the 9 mostly fits bit it was actually still a little small. If I ordered my usual size there would have been no way it would have fit. And this is normal for clothing. There’s no clothes police that goes out there and measures every article of clothing so that its size is truthful. I would say that something in one of three articles of clothing I’ve tried had something off with it.

Not to mention that not everyone has the typical factory default body type and finding clothes that fit is harder. And also long distance returns make the process slower.

Also today I learned that making a simple correction and speaking about facts in a dry manner amounts to insulting and treating a person like a child. Lol. No, treating someone like a child is when you don’t correct the obviously misinformatuve thing they said because they’re too childish to read any simple, honest correction as anything other than hostility. I was treating you as an honest adult who would be mature enough to give people the benefit of the doubt, and I wasn’t expecting you to throw a baby tantrum over imaginary insults I never said. Lol. Enjoy your self fulfilling prophecy.


If I had seen my mistake I would have corrected it and edited my answer. I only saw it when you mentioned it. Sorry but the way you said it seemed like that to me and I’m definitely not throwing a tantrum here, if you feel like I do, fine. Your opinion anyways.

As I mentioned, if you buy from certain brands only, you know how bigger or smaller than the actual size you wear the shoes they make are, so you know what size to get. Boots are tricky I agree but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all people need to try them on before buying them. Clothes are a whole different thing.


@evooba my worries about the size is because here our shoes numbers are different than in the USA. And normally, for boots, everyone buys a bigger size, but for me is just the opposite. And as I’ve never bought a shoe in USA, I don’t know witch size I have to buy.
And if I buy a boot that doesn’t fits me? I’ll be able to return it or exchange? And If I can, I’ll pay dearly to send the boots back and receive another one. That’s why I’d like to try it before buying.


I actually got these boots as a christmas gift and they’re great. I’m a 9 1/2 and I got that size boot and it fits perfect. I recommend these boots. I can take pics if you need.


Yeap, that’s why there is a board with the sizing numbers. If you really want them, just get a size bigger than you normally would get. They’ll still fit you anyways and it’d be way better than getting a size too small.