Linkin Park's 'In The End' sung by 183 movies


YouTube user The Unusual Suspect laid movie dialogue snippets from almost 200 films over the top of the “In The End” instrumental to create this video …


Lol, that must have taken a while to put together.


What’s funny is that the video has gone viral ever since Mike tweeted about it. I don’t see what’s exciting about it to be honest, just a dude who was obviously extremely bored.


It´s cool in a way. Funny to guess what movies are used and take a while :smiley:


When I watched it last night, my brain was expecting to hear it sung in the same tune, like some videos I’ve seen done with other songs.


There were some phrases that seemed on beat. I feel like it would be more impressive if they found more complete lines for the whole song, instead of one or two words from each clip






This video remined me to watch some films during my weekend. Awesome!!! Such a great job!


It must’ve taken a lot of time to put this video together.


Jinx :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL! Omg I just see now you replied the exact same thing earlier in the thread :stuck_out_tongue: