Linkin Park's Youtube Channel?


Hey Guys!

Does anyone know what’s going on with LP’s youtube channel? It seems really strange that they would be uploading so many of their songs like this.

LP Youtube Channel


A number of artists seem to be doing it lately. About a month ago, Paramore flooded my YouTube subscriptions doing the same thing


I am assuming it has something to do with their recent trips to YouTube HQ and all those “new technology” conferences Mike, Brad a couple people from Machine Shop have attended these last 2 weeks.


O think its great, caused of the free time in their schedule, mike the machine is active and in flow, eu-stress :speech_balloon:

I wanna know why there are suddenly many songs uploaded in Linkin Park Youtube Channel
Why is LP uploading so many videos?

It’s in preparation for the launch of MusicKey, which is Youtube’s new premium music streaming service like Spotify or Pandora.

Why is LP uploading so many videos?