Liscenced Internet Radio Stations Playing Linkin Park



So im becoming a popular gamer on the shooter scene and i love to listen to music while streaming. Now my lawyers have told me that the only legal way of doing this would be to get a streaming liscnece (20,000$ x3 liscence bureaus!) or to find a public internet stream registered under the DMCA.

Anybody know of a Radio station that plays Linkin Park a lot of music like it?


Pandora ? Type in an artist, and radio play songs that are similar to this particular artist. And of course, there are songs that the band played: P


I am not a lawyer (IANAL),

But, I bet a zillion dollars you aren’t going to find a radio station that plays just LP. And it will be challenging to find one that doesn’t run ads or has a talking DJ. Actually I don’t think that exists, legally. As far as I am aware, streamers give up on the idea of playing mainstream music over their streams because of this. It might be better off to find indie music artists who aren’t represented by the RIAA and are okay with sharing. (you still have to ask them individually, but I imagine indies are far more willing to want the free representation from you).

Linkin Park has an iHeart radio station. It’s got talking though.

In addition,, and other internet services have stations that, if you pay, you can make the ads go away. However they are radio stations and therefore don’t play LP only.

Also, pretty much any FM radio station nowadays has online streaming. Of course this will net you ads and DJ’s too. But they’re all there. Even your local one I bet.

I doubt Spotify and Grooveshark count because they’re not radio stations.


Pandora Isnt liscenced for broadcast like a radio station, its for personnal use. (grooveshark, and spotify too)

Actually it does now, the RIAA changed the law to charge by the user hour instead of by song and now its pretty affordable for someone to stream (around 60$ a month for 5000 listeners)

As far as the radio stations go, i dont care about them playing ONLY LP i dont mind variety (in the alternative music field) i jsut said that cuz I noticed almost no station in montreal actually plays LP anymore…

As for the DJ yeah im looking for one with ads, but no DJ essentially.


Thx Bandicoot, this is perfect!