Listen to "Figure.09". You will be surprised


First of all, this song (track #8, Meteora) is usually unheard or not really listened to by many Linkin Park listeners. The name of the song might very well be regrettable by the band, due to it coming off as a lyricless experiment or track transition that Linkin Park is known to do. (I personally think a better name for the track could have been created.) Perhaps listen to the track while you read.

The track begins with an ominous background that quickly shifts into the typical heavy guitar +friends wall, with the drums to back it. Shinoda begins his rhyme explaining his regrets, with Bennington following on with the consequences of the actions noted by Shinoda. You’ll notice (especially if you listen to the song while wearing headphones, please do) that Bennington’s voice haunts the chorus with an eerie echo that can only signify the feeling of desperation or being lost.

It’s this very chorus, mixed in with the fantastic drumplay by Bourdon (that is slightly drowned out by Delson, I assume. Compliments of Gilmore/Shinoda’s hand.) and the multitude of sounds & effects going on that make this chorus one of Linkin Park’s best. The entire track is definitely a fantastic piece, much too often missed by the masses.


Then A.06/A-Six was supposed to be the reanimation (instrumental) version for which song?


Figure.09 was the name of the original demo, they just didn’t bother to change the name (as is the case with Faint). It’s kind of like a play on “figure 8” being that the nine is not a complete eight.

A.06 was a scrapped Meteora demo, which turned into a track on the LPU 2.0 CD.


Regardless, great song.


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Love this song. You’ll be surprised on what you hear in a song you listened to pretty close. :clap::ok_hand:


One of my favourite songs from one of my favourite albums!


I have always thought that it could have been named ‘Part Of Me’ but that would’ve been problematic since they already have a song named that. But it could have possibly been named ‘Becoming You’ maybe? :smile:


May be one of the top favorites ever!

That guitar man…
Those lyrics…

Action Karaoke anyone? :


I hope it isn’t to late to write something in this forum :slight_smile:

I love Figure.09 it’s one of my alltime favorite Lp songs. I think there is something special about this song. Okay, the name is not like other songs, but I mean the sound. I like the melody of the guitar, it just matches perfect whith the lyrics. When I started listening to this song it was stuck in my mind.


Completely agree.


I really like Figure.09, too. It was a song I constantly had on repeat when I first started listening to LP because I strongly identify with the lyrics.


When i first heard that guitar it felt like a sound that will stay with me for the rest of my life!
There is definitely something about this guitar sound…

it just takes you off your feet like no other song!
I think it is only the drums of “the catalyst” that maybe outranked it for me!

NEway, since you too like it that much, this is what i did with it, i just had to use it at some point…



I would like to reply with a passage from my book that I wrote for the LP as a tribute. The following was inspired by figure 09 song, I think you would be able to find connection, hope you enjoy!

Linkin Park – Figure.09 3:17

DI was out of action, his jaw beyond dislocated, with a tear on his left cheek because of how much it moved. The jaw bone did laceration to his cheek from the inside. Left elbow and knee, both snapped with bones protruding out, bleeding out…No begging, no cries, no pain screams. ‘Though mother fucker’ Tomas thought. Just awaiting his end looking straight into Tomas’ eyes. If he could, he would say: ‘Finish me!’ Not because of the pain, but because he lost. There was no way back, just a chance to keep his honour and die in combat. As the initial shock of the crowd on what just took part in front of them fell off, the crowd’s chants calling for DI’s death began! Tomas didn’t say anything, just stood there, looking, at what he had done once again. He was just about to walk away. He couldn’t do it, nor wanted to do it, even though he knew, that DI possibly killed more than just one man that had died instantly on the spot that night, his friend Chen hurt, lamenting above the guy that erupted like a geyser from his mouth… He couldn’t. ‘DI’s own clan would kill him anyway.’ But DI did something unexpected. He used his good right foot to chop into Tomas’ left knee from behind it as he stood above him, sending him falling onto him. Then he tried to stab Tomas in the neck with his protruding radius bone at the wrist. Tomas caught the attempt with his right arm, wrapping it around, so that once he fully flexed his arm at the elbow, his elbow would press against DI’s already snapped elbow joint from behind, and that he got control of his wrist, holding it. It opened DI’s wounds even more, and you could hear a loud cry of pain in that one moment. Then? Then he proceeded to break that arm with three judo rolls, where he used DI’s own body weight to generate momentum, slamming him hard into the ground. Again, and again. Each time, while holding DI’s already broken arm in fixed, static position, breaking it two more times in the forearm area. In the final third roll, he grabbed him just above elbow level, so that his Humerus bone did break too. Then, he just repositioned himself around DI’s body, so that DI would be face down to the floor on his belly. Then, while still holding that arm at above elbow level. He would pull it hard up, and at the same time, with a massive force using his power, and body weight, would step on him. First, at his Humerus again, opening it like a flower, exposing the bone ripping through the skin, and right after that, at the shoulder, dislocating it from the joint. Following up was DI’s neck. Tomas pulled up hard DI’s arm that he had in his possession, and at the same time, applied kick to DI’s neck area, just below the jawline, utilizing his strength, body weight, and assistance of gravity. It snapped like a match. The moment when DI’s ever-increasing cries of pain stopped.’ They all cry in the end’ Tomas thought to himself in momentary satisfaction. (Absolute silence) Only because DI’s cries faded instantly. The crowd was silent long before, in shock, seeing that brutality. Surprised by Tomas’ ability to “brake” a man so quickly, as that. To them it was like: Snap,snap, snap (first two snaps of the forehand and the Humerus), SNAP (Humerus again), SNAP (dislocated shoulder) and finally: ‘SNAP!’ (of the neck), and that was it. It happened so quick, and with such brutality… They have seen Tomas to do that before, to break bones multiple times. Sometimes at multiple places. But never in such manner. It was always when the bully still tried to struck Tomas, that he broke opponent’s bone in defence, but never multiple times, at multiple places after a singular attack of the opponent. It was almost like execution. Not that DI deserved any better. Not that they didn’t call for DI’s death just moments before. But, because they have never seen the “ghost”, “the merciful”, lash out in such a brutal manner. ‘He almost just walked away. Now this?’ They were surprised, and so was Tomas. He couldn’t help it, but to think that he had let himself down again. Like being shot into the back… By himself! ‘You will never fight again? You are a killer now! Look what you have done! You have become, what you hate! How are you any better?’ He knew then and there, that this will never go away. He will have to live with it forever, in shame. Hiding it away. He look at Chen for the last time, who was looking right back at him. He didn’t see no disgust in Chen’s face, no surprise, almost looked thankful, but he gave him a nod with his head, as if he was saying farewell. Tomas started to leave, and he could hear that lynching of the remnants of the flutes had begun. Wasn’t sure if to protect him, or just out of hate, or because they could blame it on him.


I agree them
This Song are my on of favorit​:+1::v::heart: