Live Concerts (Sound Engineering question)


I was watching a few of Linkin Park’s concerts on YouTube and noticed how some of their earlier concerts like Live in Texas and Rock am Ring 2004 had a much different sound than some of the more recent concerts. Does it have to do with mixing and different equipment? I guess the two things that stand out the most are the guitars and drums aren’t quite as loud in the mix with the more recent concerts…


Maybe. I dunno, my earphones have too much bass boost (bought the wrong type), so live recordings sound unnaturally distorted - the bass drone effect from the earphones.


I hope these will be somewhat helpful part 1, part 2 and part 3


I’ve heard they changed their gear after Minutes to Midnight touring cycle, so that’s why they sound different since 2010. But I’m not 100% sure.


Yes, and they did with THP as well. It’s natural though, they need better equipment each album around since the songs have various effects and stuff that they need to cover on stage. Plus, keep in mind that indoor and outdoor venues have different sounds as well. The acoustics are way different.


They changed everything for THP tour, even their guitar techs lol
So this is why there were small issues with equipment at the first shows of THP tour (Tucson, Rock in Rio, two Russia shows). New gear + new techs…


@xTirea Nah, the techs changing were just something that happened. Didn’t have to do with the equipment. Sean actually retired that’s why they got Ben and Mark used to work for them before so he’s just back. The rest are still there, Warren, Dylan, Sam… Techs wise, and roadies in general, LP has done a pretty decent work at hiring the right people. I love it that they’re all just a big family and there are no differences between them, they’re all equal.


Oh yes, I love watching videos from backstage - LP with their touring crew.


I’m not sure wether it will help, but in recent itunes Q&A session with Mike and Steve Mike actually mentioned of an idea of creating an online tour or something like that for the people who are interested in their music equipment. If it will ever happen then you might be able to ask your question directly to them. :smile: