Live download for HOB performance?


i was just wondering if anybody knew if LP was gonna release a live download of the show. it was so awesome, i really hope they do


Pooch said it was up to the band to decide! I hope they do because it was the shizzy!


I also really hope they do!! I can’t see a reason why they wouldn’t besides some apparent technical difficulties with Mr. Hahn’s equipment. The energy from the crowd and the band made it a super intense night so I would be very disappointed if they did not release it…


They definitely should!


They should do it. I’m ready to pay whatever to get a live download of the show. It was the best performance they ever made. The setlist is enough to tell the story :stuck_out_tongue:


I sure hope they do! As someone who wasn’t able to attend, due to being from Europe, I would love to own the live concert on DVD. :slight_smile:


I really hope they do! :smiley:


I’m crossing my fingers that they decide to release it. This was one of the best shows if not the best concert I’ve ever been a part of. Especially with the beastie boys cover on bleed it out