Live in texas DVD removed from youtube in England why?


why have you taken the linkin park DVD of live in texas off youtube in England ? this is another one you have taken from the fans in England this is very unfair when it is available in other countries yet again you treat us very unfairly I may have it on DVD but why is it you do this to fans who have been following LP for 15 years very unhappy with what your doing to real fans I thought warner bros was a great company now changing my mind same as you do with the tour dates for concerts now you find other ways to stick it to fans shame on you warner bros !! message I just sent warner bros !!!


First and foremost it is their right to take it down and not just for those watching from England, for everyone. It is copyright anyways, it shouldn’t be up on YT in the first place…
Also, apart from Warner actually having the right to do this (and not just with LP’s stuff, other bands as well) it may be just a YT thing, like not reaching an agreement.
Lastly, I just checked and I can play it perfectly, dunno why you can’t. But still, England is not the only country that has blocked videos. Some countries do not even have access to YT as a whole. Just chill, you have it on DVD afterall as you say, no big deal.


this is not just in england warner took it down from youtube and i am not only one who is not happy about this and if you know anything about youtube you would know you only start to get paid after a number of views this has nothing to do with agreements with youtube this is purely Warner sticking it to the fans again in other countries where you from USA i bet witch can view it all of europe has had this taken down and other countries around the world so now you should shut up if you dont know why it was taken down i have all DVDS released by LP and if it should not be on youtube why do they upload videos ? on there in the first place you thick idiot so people can view them thats why now your ponit is broken get your facts befor you comment


Your vocabulary is amazing. For your information, that “thick idiot” that knows nothing and should “shut her mouth” you claim me to be is actually STUDYING these things so I DO know how they work, that’s why I replied to your question trying to offer a few ideas why it was taken down. These videos were not uploaded by LP, just from various people, none is official (not counting trailers, sneak peeks etc here) so yeah, they can take them down. It’s like when they remove music from videos cause the uploader didn’t say the song was copyrighted.
And no, I am not from the US, I am from Europe and do not have access to various videos as well but that’s not the end of world. It’s just a concert after all.

And btw, it is still up on YT if you want to watch it, here


thats how thick you really are because if you had even bothered to even look you would see it was uploaded by warner bros so that shows me you dont know what your talking about lol the official DVD and why you even worrying you dont even care how this affects those fans in other countries around the world and i wont let it go because all fans should have access to there music thats why both LP & Warner bros have youtube channels where you can watch all videos they have released and all there albums if you dont thick it should be on there dont watch youtube stupid


not the official DVD is not only in usa can you view it no one i have talked to in Europe and to to fans who have folllwed them from day one this is just not a concert to them so stay silent and go find something else to talk about 15 years i have been with LP


I didn’t know that “Jay Clash” is Warner bros, wow! ( Well, I am in Europe and I can still watch the video, but England is not the only country that has blocked videos so don’t take it personally.

Seems like I did not know that not listening to LP from day 1 or for X amount of years means I can’t state my opinion. Apparently I am stupid and you are the best fan who knows everything so, please do excuse me. I will keep my mouth shut now.


see thats how you don know that was uploaded by a fan stupid if you google live in texas you get two links for live it texas and the jay clash one that you posted and the official upload from warner bros you thicko here is the link for warner bros upload that you cant watch


The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

Sorry about that.


do more studying Linkin Park - Live In Texas (Video)
Warner Bros. Records
Warner Bros. Records


Something like this?


It’s not available in my country too. Did I upset? Yes of course. I don’t know about Warner or YT policy but I think they has the right to shut down the video.
And Evooba just simply expressed her opinion, you don’t have to bashing her. Calm down it just a video not the end of the world -_-


Could be different laws and regulations regarding copyrights… That’s usually what it boils down to…


well i know thousands of people LP fans want it back on youtube so this is what i do for them and if people cant get there facts correct before making a comment they should stay silent as she said was studying this things well she did not study very nuch did she so i wont let this go because it is more to some people that JUST a concert ok


@Chris_Styles, I do understand that you are disappointed in the fact that the LiT video (and maybe many others) are not available in your region and you have the right to express that feeling, but the banter that was ongoing between you and @evooba was unnecessary. You tried to make a point, she disagreed. Calm down! If you feel someone is wrong, try to make them understand (without all the bashing).
Time to get philosophical now. “There are perhaps many causes worth dying for, but to me, certainly, there are none worth killing for.”


@Chris_Styles The video WB uploaded (and you linked afterwards) is not showing up in my searches so obviously I couldn’t have known it even existed. Most of WB videos (and not just LP’s) are blocked in Europe, Live in Texas is not the only one, simply because there are laws and disagreements and who knows what else that WB finds it more suitable to not make them available. Like I said above, other countries have it way worse than just a few blocked videos so it’s not really a big deal. In the end, you can just download an unblocker app and watch everything you want.

It is ok to disagree but the way you speak is unexceptable. You cannot just call people names, question their education and ask them to keep quiet just because you think something esle is going on or because I may have not been listening to the band for as many years as you do and not “know” stuff. It is simply rude. We are all equal in here and we’re all allowed to express our opinions. We can all agree to disagree in the end.

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Why is this now closed for me there is no one giving us any reason why this was taken down by Warner Bros but still on in the USA