Live show downloads?


Does anyone remember the website where you could buy the live show mp3s from? is it even around anymore?


They don’t release them anymore


At the last LPU summit the band said, that the live downloads are on hold right now… but you can find the old live downloads here


The last shows to have live downloads offered were the two South African shows in November of 2012. They were discontinued due to incredibly poor sales (as in some shows being purchased fewer than 10 times) over the course of the Living Things touring cycle. They did really well from 2007-2009, but sales dropped off a TON after A Thousand Suns came out. I largely blame management for this, as they stopped advertising/promoting the live downloads after the U.S. tour at the beginning of 2011 (where they offered a free download of the show with certain ticket purchases). I doubt a lot of people who attended shows in 2011/2012 even knew about the live downloads.


Such a shame. I hope they’ll be back soon.


Its such a shame.
I own all of them and i hope that they bring them back


I would Love it, when they bring it back!!!
It is the best thing ever, to hear the Concert you have bin to, again and again and again…