Live Streaming Post Traumatic shows


If you guys have news or links to any of the Post Traumatic tour shows being live streamed post them on here

The livestream has been confirmed for the KROQ show


Freaking timezones will probably prevent me from watching


Yeah, 3am my time!


I’m staying up for the Weenie Roast broadcast for sure! Excited to listen to the live debuts of the new songs.


Yaaay - :tada: I´m in :tada: :heart_eyes: :dancing_women: :sunny: :


That’s great! I am so bummed I can’t go to any of the shows but I am totally down for watching the live stream. Thanks for sharing!


This is not confirmed, but apparently this is a livestream for Identity LA. Again, it’s not confirmed but might be worth checking:


This is the link to the KROQ Weenie Roast show

Mike will be playing 4 PM PST


I can’t wait to watch these! So excited


Me too! I might watch the KROQ show, depending if I have the energy to do so :smile: It’ll be 1 AM for me


I set the alarm for both :slight_smile: let’s see how that goes!


So hardcore :smile:


I guess I’m lucky to be in a closer time zone. Lol it’ll be about 7pm for me on the east coast.


Lucky you! :grin:


Timings for Identity LA


Yaaay thanx @AJ_7 that’s awesome :heart_eyes:, and :see_no_evil: it’s tonight or tomorrow night?


No problem at all! it’s tonight (tomorrow early morning for me)


Yaaay- same for me then- like @rickvanmeijel said, 3am?! I set the alarm too :joy:


3am for me I think 1am for you and Rick


I’ll be up too, can’t wait ! :heart_eyes: