LIVING THINGS Acapellas And Instrumentals


Oh my God!!! [surprised]
Thank you, Linkin Park!!!
I really like the songs in the instrumental way… they´re so beautiful!!!
It really makes fun listening to them.
Nice idea!!! [biggrin]

How do you like it?


totally agree, i can’t stop listen to the acapellas… that was definitely a good idea :slight_smile:


Do I like it??? I LOVE IT!
It’s amazing how different it is… :smiley:


yeah they’re pretty awesome! good for sing alongs :wink:


I love it, can’t stop listening to it!



I’ve been remixing nonstop since I bought


There was another thread for this but I can’t seem to find it lol.

Anyway, If anyone is interested they finally released it on other than iTunes (Which i’m happy with)

Click Here for Amazon link.