LIVING THINGS-Best and worst song


What do you think. What is your opinion about what’s the best song and what’s the worst song of LP’s latest album Living Things.

I start:

Best: Lost in the echo
Worst: Skin To Bone


Best: Can’t choose
Worst: None

Sorry, I like 'em all


Worst: “I’LL BE GONE”


I like all LT songs :slight_smile:


Best: It’s a battle between Caste Of Glass, In My Remains, Roads Untraveled, Skin To Bone and Until It Breaks (sorry, can’t decide)

Worst: Burn It Down


Best: Castle Of Glass, Lost in the echo, Until it breaks, In my remains, Lies Greed Misery,Powerless
Worst: None


I love all songs of LIVING THINGS [smile][biggrin]


Best: Lost in the Echo and Roads Untraveled (can’t chose between the two)
Worst: Skin To Bone


I love all songs [biggrin] Living Things is awesome


Best: All
Worst: None
Living things


best: all
worst: hmm… none! XD


I love them all with the exception of Victimized. I like the song but it is probably my least favorite from ALL albums - the cowbell is just odd.

BUT…if you wiped out all the lyrics and just left the instrumentals - would those that aren’t crazy about the album change their mind?


Best - all and right now I just love the video version of Castle of glass
Worst - none


Best: without a doubt Lost In The Echo [smile][heart][heart]
Worst: none, I really like all the album, there’s no song of ALL albums that I don’t like ^^


Best: Lost In The Echo [heart]
Worst: None


Best: Roads Untravelled like it’s a 100 %
Worst: Tinfoil, but that just means it’s like 98%

all other songs are i between that range :smiley:


Lost in the Echo is best
Lies Greed Misery is worst


Best: Roads Untravelled, Until it breaks, Lost in the echo

Worst: Burn it down


Best: Victimized, Lost in the Echo, Castle of Glass
Worst: Roads Untravelled


Best: Roads Untravelled (must be single(?))
Worst: None

I just don’t like so much Until it breaks and Skin to bone, but they’re not the worst.