Living Things- Favorite song!


I have to wait until tuesday to get my cd but I listened to some songs and my favorita song so far is burn it down I love the Mike-Chester combination and Mike‘s part is awesome as always :slight_smile:


Victimized!! Victimized!! never again Victimized!!


cuz im only a crack in this castle of glass…


So far… Lies Greed Misery- rocks the hell outta me!


At first it was Roads Untravelled but then I changed my mind to Castle Of Glass

  1. Roads Untraveled
  2. Castle of Glass
  3. Powerless

Purrfect :heart:


Yeah! I think that I need to listen to the cd a couple of tines so I can decide what‘s song is my fav I can‘t wait! O_o


Lost in the Echo then Castle of Glass!!


1: Lost In The Echo
2: Powerless
3: Castle Of Glass

These also should be their next singles. :d


Lost In The Echo


Castle Of Glass


Burn It Down

Top 5 songs on the album


Powerless, Castle Of Glass and Lies Greed Misery.
But my all time favourite right now is Until It Breaks. Brad KILLS it with his vocals :slight_smile:


my favorite song off of living things is powerless

  1. Roads Untravelled
  2. Lost in the Echo
  3. Castle of Glass

Tinfoil is also awesome, but at 1:12 it’s technically a bed track, not a full song…

The only benefit of living in the UK is that today is our release day… No details of a tour for us still though :frowning: It’s the first time a new album is out and there is no UK tour is scheduled.


“Only a crack in this castle of glass, hardly anything there for u to see…” ;)))


Lost in the Echo
Until it Breaks


Right now In My Remains but I’m really liking the entire album :slight_smile:


Lost in the Echo
Castle of Glass
Until it Breaks

But the whole album is just amaaazing!


Castle of Glass and Powerless


Aside from the whole album being awesome, three tracks stand out for me:

Lost in the Echo
Castle of Glass
I’ll Be Gone

Can’t wait to see this stuff live in the UK :slight_smile:


Lost in the echo and Castle of glass!