LIVING THINGS First Birthday Celebrations


Hey guys. I’ve organised a first birthday celebration video for LIVING THINGS’ first birthday and it’s a fan video starring you guys.

I made a blog post about it which is here for the full run down --> Little Miss Mushroom’s Wordpress

But here’s the summary of it.

[quote]In order for this project to go ahead I only request one small thing. If you have the hard copy of LIVING THINGS, take a photo of it with a sign saying “Happy Birthday” in either your mother language or English. This sign has to be hand drawn or typed (it can be typed out and printed out) but it must be in a photo together. If you have the digital copy of it, on your iPod (or any other portable media player) take a photo of it playing your favourite song with your happy birthday sign. You do not have to appear in the photo if you don’t want to. The submission has to be that of a photo you took.

I am really not fussed about the quality of it, it can be taken from any sort of camera, as long as it has “Happy Birthday” on a piece of paper in either your mother tongue or English, your soft or hard copy of LIVING THINGS and if you want to, a photo of you. In your email submission, please have your twitter/LPU username in it (or if neither your full name) for the credits and your country to show the diversity of fans.[/quote]

Email and other contact details are on the blog post but if you have any questions I’m more than happy to answer them.

I would love to see everyone get together and celebrate this occasion.

p.s. Mods if this is in the wrong spot, please do move it. I don’t post much on here nowadays.

  • Sarah


its weird i cant believe its about to be one year already :3