Living Things full album Metal Remix


Hey guys,

I think people on this forum might be interested in something I’ve been started to work on since this summer. A full metal remix of Living Things. All songs will be remixed and I’ve already completed 5. Instrumental versions of all remixes are available as well, and the album is a FREE download! Tell me what you think of the existing songs and I’ll keep working on this album!

I’m trying to feature a lot of metal sub-genres and make it the style of metal that I like.

Lost In the Echo - Meshuggah influenced groove metal
Lies Greed Misery - Djent
Castle of Glass - Electronic / alternative rock
Victimized - Just a load of sub-genres combined
Skin to Bone - Symphonic metal/rock

  • not yet finished

Burn It Down - Enslaved (black metal) influenced
In My Remains - Progressive punk
Until It Breaks - All over the place djent
I’ll Be Gone - no idea yet
Roads Untraveled - no idea yet
Tinfoil/Powerless - no idea yet

Thanks to Linkin Park for making accapella versions available of the new albums, it has helped me a lot! Would be very cool if the guys from the band saw this as well.

Have fun, feedbach appreciated!
If you have an idea for a song that I haven’t finished please tell me!


Will the currently unfinished ones be released for free too?


They HAVE to be. He can’t make money on a work based on LP songs


Ofcourse! It may take some time though… What do you think of the finished ones?


Yeah you’re right, I didn’t want to get myself into trouble haha


I like almost all of them LGM is the only one that isn’t to my taste. Victimized is by far the best. Who knew I could love a song that was terrible to begin with? Your version should be the original.

I noticed that there isn’t much in the way of bass and low’s otherwise it’s great. Also, did you play the instruments yourself?


Thanks for the kind words. I guess you’re just not into djent, cause I tried to recreate a really generic djent song.

I played everything myself, although it is all MIDI, so there are no ‘real’ instruments. I may boost the bass guitar a decibel or less but I think the mixing is great for now atleast. It would be great to have real guitars cause they are the ones that sound the least realistic.


The Living Things remix I’m working on keeps getting closer to being finalized, I finished Burn It Down and I’ll Be Gone! The two songs are up on my bandcamp and the instrumentals are there too! Burn It Down is more of a Melodic Death Metal remix (Soilwork/Enslaved style) and I’ll Be Gone is more ambient and has a post-rock kind of vibe.

I also worked on the mixing and changed a few things. All the songs on the record will have the production/mix that the two new songs have, if I don’t change it up in the process.