Living Things Metal Remix (FINISHED)


Hey guys,

I think people on this forum might be interested in something I’ve been started to work on long before Chester’s passing. A full metal remix of Living Things. All songs are remixed in different styles and influenced by artists I thoroughly enjoy. Instrumental versions of all remixes are available as well, and the album is a FREE download! Tell me what you think of this project, feel free to roast me :smile:



Here is a small recap of what the record sounds like:
Lost In the Echo - Meshuggah influenced progressive metal,
In My Remains - Punk rock and progressive rock
Burn It Down: Enslaved (black metal) influenced, sounds more like melodeath
Lies Greed Misery - Djent
I’ll Be Gone - Post-rock, ambient. Sounds more like Primo.
Castle of Glass - Electronic / alternative rock
Victimized - Remixed in my own style of progressive metal
Roads Untraveled - Opeth, Blackwater Park style.
Skin to Bone - Symphonic rock
Until It Breaks - All over the place, jazz, black metal, etc
Tinfoil/Powerless - My own style, but sounds like Katatonia.

Thanks to Linkin Park for making accapella versions available for the new albums, it has helped me a lot! Would be very cool if the guys from the band saw this as well. Also, acapella’s and instrumentals for One More Light would be great. I completely understand that LP isn’t currently working on anything though.

Have fun, feedback appreciated!

RIP Chester


I’ll check it out later today.


Have you checked it out? I’d love to hear your opinion on it!


Well done! Skin to Bone is the best, as for me. You’ve kept the LP spirit and breathed into it an orchestra.
Keep going! I want to hear more from you:)


Thank you! I’m currently working on solo-material, but I plan on improving the guitar sound, since I’ve bought Shreddage II and it sounds miles better than the free plugins I’ve used. As for solo-material, I’m currently redoing the guitars for ‘Heights’:


Cool! Keep us updated on your work :slight_smile:


My debut LP is finished now! Improved the guitars and tried to do some mastering myself!


Good news! I’ll check it asap
@kars3 Just listened to the whole album. I liked the variations of heavy rock parts and softer synth sounds. Some tracks were better than others, but overall I thought it was pretty nice :slight_smile:


thanks man!