Living Things official sales?


Can anyone tell me what the official sales of Living Things are as of October 2012? According to Wiki, the sales are at 482,000 but I dont trust wiki for any info. BTW, Does anyone know of any sites that track us record sales? Thanks.


Hey there, I don’t know too much about all of this. But doesn’t Nielsen Soundscan track record sales??? It might be a nice place to start off at least. LIVING THINGS deserved twice those sales in it’s opening week!


Yeah, Im thinking that maybe There is some kind of subscription service that I can access that will give me what I need to know. I think its like or something like that.

BTW, LOVE LOVE LOVE your avatar! that’s Ash from Evil Dead, right?


Sounds like a good idea. And yes! Definitely Ash :smiley: The Evil Dead series is to movies like Linkin Park is to music! :slight_smile:


I know he received the Golden Disk in Brazil by Living Things does not speak the amount was sold…