Living things remix


I have troubles downloading the October Part of the subscription. I used the Code, closed Firefox, was unzipping the file and the file was lost. Can anyone of you awesome fans help me :D? I want that FILE BACK! searched all over the laptop. Didn’t find anything.
Code was used. Can’t use it again :frowning: !!! HELP ME!!!


Contact whoevers in charge of that, and if it doesnt work, youtube to mp3


WHO is in charge of those living things redeem Codes? I Need a new One :frowning: please. Just help.


I don’t know who’s in charge


Great answer. Why does nobody help me ? -.- great community… Not!


Jeez!!! Just fucking email support. Is it that hard? -.-"


I think someone commited a FAIL while downloading the remix :slight_smile: Nice one! hahaha