Living Things Underground Trial


I bought my album like a week ago.I entered my code and redeemed then I entered the LPU trial.I had high expectations before entering the code.And now they’re all gone. I can’t even enter the “downloads” section let along the “chat”. That’s maybe because it’s a trial,but I have to say I am dissapointed.All you can do is enter to the forum or add friends,Nothing more,nothing special.


OMG!! You are on fire man!! Calm down. I have the same problem and I am dissapointed,too. There is nothing special ,that’s right. But, you know it’s trial and it’s just for one month.There are a lot of people who give some money for this.So,we have nothing to do.


Welcome to LPU. Disappointed? Seriously? If you want more, buy the membership…


Haha !! Here is your answer :smiley:


It is called a trial for a reason …


I would have thought you would at least be able to access the chat room, seems a little silly that you can’t. Not like there are any online chat events scheduled. I’l like to see how the chat room is before signing up.


LOL … You want more? Just join the club!
Not to sound bad but, we already have problems with “official” members putting everything exclusive out on YouTube for everyone to see so don’t complain you can’t chat or watch LPUTV. It’s just the way things work


dissapointed? omg. look, i got one moth trial, just like you and now, more than ever, i want to join to LPU. when the trial ends i will buy the membership!


I’m sorry to hear that you aren’t enjoying the LPU trial. But just like what everyone else is saying, purchase the $60.00 bundle or $25.00 bundle and you’ll be able to view the LPU videos, chatroom, auctions, and etc. Then you’ll love it.

stay posi


Let me tell you something… I’ve been an LP fan for the past 12 years… since HT era!!! This was the year that I’ve purchased a LPU cuz I am standing on my own! I didnt want to get the LPU plus pass cuz I wanna try the normal ones first but for sure I will get the LPU 12 Plus Pass next year for sure!!!

So stop wasting time just get it! Its only 20 bucks!!! nothing more nothing less!!!

Cheers mate!



its a trial. if you want to get all stuff - get yourself the 25$ or 60$ membership!


I too am authorised on a trial, but I am happy with that that is :slight_smile:


i bought the album too , got my trial…and i’m not disappointed…i just bought my $25 LPU PASS…today…in fact…some minutes ago…

and if you see…it’s 25 PER YEAR…not MONTH…i will upgrade to the $60 when i get my money…

buy it…i’m not regreating it…