Living Things Vinyl!


So i just got my Living Things White Vinyl !

Is it true they only had 3,000 Pressed for this Limited Edition??

Did anyone else buy this too?


Yes, only 3000 pressed. I don´t buy the Vinyl, because I don´t need this.


I bought too :wink:


I bought too :stuck_out_tongue: so now we need to find 2997 other collectors :stuck_out_tongue:


I bought a copy and it’s already arrived!!


I bought one!


Mine showed up this past Monday along with my Reanimation Vinyl. My vinyl collection is complete until LP comes out with their next album. WooHoo!!!


Got mine!


Got it at the Record Store 1st day it was released. No Pre-ordering here :wink:


bought mine today ^^


I have one of them also; I bought it on-line, it sounds absolutely lovely on my deck. The vinyl of Living Things is honestly, one of my favourite things that Linkin Park has put out, as of late.


I got mine…The white vinyl is very cool.


I bought too, it’s so great i love it!!!


I bought one, but I’m still waiting for it…


Bought it on the release day but I still sealed ^^


I bought it yesterday. Probably they deliver it on monday. I’m waiting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: