LIVING THINGS won Best International Rock Album


Congratulations to Linkin Park’s LIVING THINGS for winning the Best International Rock Album at the 2012 Telehit Awards. from @lpfansofficial twiiter.


thats awesome! congrats LP!


Living things is probably my favorite Linkin Park album. I have enjoyed the band since 2003 and I love the fact that they change their music style every album. All reviews are based on opinion so if this guy hates it, he hates it. I for one enjoy it.


Yes! Congrats!


Yes! Congrats.


Of course LP deserve it much more than any rock band in the whole world! I’m so glad for them and I know they will work hard than ever to follow this way! I just can say I love them and their amazing music! LIVING THINGS


Haha so happy for this. They deserved this and so much more.


LP is the best everyone on this earth should know this ^^ [biggrin]


omg congrats guys

they keep winning awards over and over
how many do they have by now? 50?!
freaking awesome