London memorial for Chester vid


First UK memorial for Chester I had the pleasure to organise took place on the 27th of July 2017. It was very emotional. We had the pleasure to meed Chester’s friends who share some stories with us. Amazing people I have the pleasure to call my friends. Someone who was at the memorial made a video from the day with all the clips, and people sharing stories. I just thought I will share it here.


Thanks for sharing! So touching… :heart: :heartpulse: :heartbeat:


This is from the first meet right? There didn’t seem to be this many people at the second.


it is from the first one in July.


I’m glad we didn’t do touching speeches, mine would have been terrible in every way and contain exactly 0% emotion.


the second one was a bit more like hanging out not like the fist one that happened exactly one week after Chester died. I think my speech was horrible. I wish I said more, but well now it’s too late


Wow very nice one


Really great that this was organised.

I had a chance to visit the Embassy in July/Aug.


Thanks for posting. Peoples stories are interesting


So beautiful and so touching it bring tears to my eyes it just made cry. Missing you chester so much.


It was very emotional thing