London memorial?


Hi maybe in the wake of Chester’s death people would like to meet up and just hang together? Remember Chester and just support each other?

Rest in peace Chester
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lets organise something.


Yeah where at




Thank you x


I would definitely like to do this. I don’t really know many people on this board but it would be a really good and positive thing to do.


When? And where? Tomorrow? Monday? Tuesday? Wednesday?
Please no sunday as i have no transport


Tomorrow? Maybe after normal work hours?


I am working until 8pm. If others gonna say yes i will skip work


Yeah any time tomorrow even if it’s after 8pm. Maybe some others might see this tomorrow and show interest in coming.


I won’t have transport back home. What will i do in london whole night? Where exactly we should meet up? I may skip work anyway. So you are saying after 5pm? Or earlier?


Yeah Im leaning towards 5pm or just after. But depends what time others say-I can be flexible


Because of the strike i have no train back after 6pm


I am in, lets set something up.
I want to be with others that are feeling the way I am.


Yes. What time and where? I am free after 3pm


To be honest, I feel we would get more traction creating a FB group and setting a date and time.


Ok can someone do that? I am at work and you can post link here and we can arrange something


Can someone add me on facebook or give me their facebook i will add you to the group


Yeah that’s probably true. I am not sure I am up for creating an events page today, but tomorrow I can if no one else has today.

London Memorial for Chester