London Memorial


Hey, I was just wondering if any London fans would like to help arrange a memorial somewhere in London.


We already have a topic like that. Join this thread and then you can add me as a fb friend and i will add you to the group. We met up yesterday but have plans to do that again


Do you know when the next will be?


No idea. But if you join we can always discuss some possibilities. Wednesday? Thursday? In two weeks perhaps? Join and lets have a discussion


I’d come but I live about 5 hours away and have work on non weekend days.


New one


I would like to come along but I don’t have Facebook so I can’t join on there. Would I still be allowed to come along?


Of course! Why wouldn’t you!?! You’re part of this big family aren’t you? <3


Thank you <3


Of course the location will be the US embassy outside the Eisenhower statue from 5pm onwards feel free to bring photos, flowers & candles :slight_smile: :heartpulse:


Everybody is welcome!


Was going to come but there’s one one bham so I might just go to that one instead as I living in central bham. I’ll keep an eye on the Facebook group page though !!


Join the main group as we are planning some meet ups anyway.


Cool. I’m down as “interested” at the moment. Have notifications on :slight_smile:


There is a lot of interested there. I hope at least 50 people gonna show up