London O2 concert


Hi all, just wondering how early would be best to reach the O2 for decent standing places considering we don’t get early entry


I’d assume you’d have to camp out all day from early in the morning, at least that’s what I’ll be doing.


Depending if I get a M&G, I’ll be there early morning!


Really? Early morning? That’s 10 hours before it starts… damn. How long does it take to get in if you don’t come early ?


It’s not the getting in, everyone wants a good spot and there are too many lunatics who are willing to wait 12h so if you don’t wait you end up being at the very back.


Don’t be daft ! Get there anytime and shuffle your way to the front


Well 10 hours really isn’t cool I might go like 5 hours earlier to join the line lol :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully if I get lucky I can recognise some fellow LPU people to go in with


Anyone fancy meeting up beforehand or joining the queue together?! I’ll hold your place when you want me to :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

I brought a VIP package to this show and I have received my ticket which has VIP premium printed in the corner but no other information on where to go to gain early entry, pick up the goody bag etc. Does anyone have any details or know where I can find them please?


I emailed the event organisers this morning:
No response yet…


Anyone know what time Linkin Park came on in London at the o2? I’m seeing them at O2 brixton tonight. Ticket says doors at 7 but I imagine they’re not on until 8 at least.


They were supposed to be on at 20:30 but came at 20:50. It was a 2h show but we had an extened set.


Thanks - was there an opening act? Did your ticket also say 7?


No opening act hence the extension. As for the ticket I can’t remeber. Our emails said doors open at 19:00, band on stage at 20:30.


Yeah I haven’t had an email about the Brixton show but I would imagine they’ll come on a similar time to last night.


great thanks all!


I think the people they let in early were VIP tickets, meet and greet people and o2 priority? I queued from 12-1pm and only just got front barrier. Another 20seconds and it was all gone. The front reserved sections wasn’t close to full, for safety reasons I think.


I am late to the party, but I saw there were two barriers. I was queueing since 9am and I was in the 1st/2nd row, depending on the crowds pushing. I was near the stage with regular ticket, so no idea what was going on with the two barriers.