Loneliness - a poem by me


I can’t remember the time
when I felt needed
The love is red,
but I am blind

I can’t remember the time
when I felt beautiful
If you’re saying it’s in my head
you’re wrong

The life, so empty
Filled with nothingness
Filled with regret
Filled with hatred

I hate myself
I hate my looks
I hate my mind
I hate my life

I want to change it
But don’t know how
Left alone

All of my friends
Pushed away
Fake ones gone
Real ones almost gone

Loneliness is better near now…


@rorybourdon That gets my emotions flowing. I;ve dealt with alot of anger this past year. I held it in and lost 10 lbs. I hope 2018 inspires you to write a positive poem.


thank you!


That was a simple poem I like it


I know how you feel, on this part especially. Sometimes it seems like no matter what you do in life, you’re always miserable, filled with hatred for yourself, like no one understands you and what you’re going through, and so on. People are right, it would be a lot easier to give up. But you can’t let stuff get to you and bring you down. I know, like I’m one to talk about that. But its true. Find people who will care about and love you even if you can’t love yourself. And that’s exactly what all of us have on here. I’m sure we can all honestly say we love one another. I know life is hard a lot of the time, but its only going to get better. Just don’t stop fighting, and keep your head up through it all. We are all here if you need someone to talk to. We’ll try to help the best we can.