Long time LP fan, first time LPU Street Soldier


Okay, so I just figured out how to reset my password for the new lpu website by transfering the LPU X account to LPU 11. The thing is, before LPU 11 came out, I bought LPUX the week before.

So what is my condition? I know I get to be a LPU member for the rest of the year, but do I get LPU X Cd, and the LPU X merchandise, as well as, do I get the new LPU 11 cd, or is paying $60 just strictly for the title of having LPU membership and I get no Cds and I have to pay an extra $20 for both LPU X cd and LPU 11 cd? Or even worse do I have to pay an extra $61 for LPU 11 + CD [eek]


Hey Bud! welcome to LPU. As far as I understand. If you are still using the LPUX membership, You will receive the LPUX package… However, the LPUX package doesn´t include the LPUX CD. You have to buy it in the LPU store. To get the LPU 11 Package + CD you need to pay the 61$ . but your membership will be extended to 2013. I hope I´m right. See you!!


Haha, damn… Alrighty then, thanks for the info, I guess I have to spread my $61 around, hope the LPU’s funds grow with my contributions.


You just have entry to the forum and the page - just like a monthly member

as far as i know you have to pay the 61$ to get EVERYTHING that is offered here

(but if you talk to adam he might be able to help you out with it)


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I believe what Tomas says is correct. I am in the same situation as you. I joined LPUX 3 weeks before LPU 11 came out.