Looking for a LP performance (before 2010, probably MTV related, one step closer?)


Hey everyone,

I’ve been searching since a few weeks for one special LP performance and I’ve clicked already on so many YouTube videos, but I can’t find it. So I really really hope that someone can remember and help me!

I’m sure it was a performance before 2009, I know that because I met my boyfriend in this year and I’m sure I saw it before we knew each other.

I think the first song was One Step Closer (or No More Sorrow). And I remember the lightning was very dark. I think it was one of MTVs shows, but I’m not sure.

The first seconds looked like that:

  • (everything black, only dull light)
  • Music starts (this “dara-rara- dara rara”)
  • White spot light on the first person (I think he stood on a pedestal?), everything else was still black
  • Next spot light appears on the next person
  • etc
  • Finally the last white spot light appears on Chester, he jumps and the song finally starts - this looks SO AWESOME.

It was similar to their Live Earth 2007 and Rock Am Ring 2007 performance and the video was in a great quality back then, that’s why I think I saw it on MTV or something like that.

Does anyone has an idea which performance this could be? I always loved this video, but I can’t find it anymore, so I’m pretty sad :confused:


(Sorry for my bad english, it’s not my native language)


Do you mean this one from PR back in 2007?


I too was thinking that @Senra was talking about “Projekt Revolution”. I will join the search in a while as my internet connection (at the moment) is pretty weak.
I need to see this OSC performance. You have got me excited already.


Maybe this show?


Thanks for your help everyone! I haven’t found it till now and I think I’m going to check every single video on YouTube during the next weeks :wink:

The performance I am looking for was similar to the PR 2007 (@EvaOba), but without this “blanket”. Maybe I’m mixing things up, but I also had a flash of insight and I believe Chester wore sunglasses and maybe a white jacket. But I’m not sure about that - I’ll continue my search and will let you know once I’ve found it.
In the meantime I’d be super happy to get even more feedback. Thanks :slight_smile:


Are we talking about a proshot video for sure? Cause the ones from 2007 and 2008 are very few… maybe these lists will help you find it somehow. 2007 and 2008.