Looking For An Answer (Music Video)


I made a new music video for Looking For An Answer. I hope you’ll like it :slight_smile: #makechesterproud


I don’t understand that he’s gone. I’ve tried to process it, but it’s just not possible.


I love it it show how much mike love and care for chester deeply .


It so hard to Process it . It feel so unreal to me and i stll cry and i can’t believe he’s gone.


Lovely job…


Well done! :smile: :heart: nice scenes you chose… :heart:


Thank you much for this video - it’s great :open_mouth: Miss you, Chester :pray::milky_way:


Chester always will be in my heart! It was beautiful video… thank you :pray:t3:


I’m just looking for an answer :frowning:


Nice video :grinning:


amazing video! thanks for sharing!:pray:t3:


This is awesome!
I did this cover the day that Mike sang it if anyone wants to check it out



Very nice video :smiley:


I’ve felt the same way. Keep hoping to wake up one day and let it be a bad dream that he’s gone.


This is so beautiful! Great job. It actually shows exactly how I’m feeling. I can’t realise he is gone. ~'Couse you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. ~ He meant so much to me…he was my saviour, my hero, my idol, and he is and he will ever be. I’ll never forget him. And I’ll never have a 100% great birthday because it’s also the day he passed away and I’ll think of him all the time and my biggest Birthday Wish will be to meet him…like it ever was and it ever will be. And in near future I’ll get this present!:heart:


The months go by and I still do not understand anything and my pain does not diminish. How much more information do I know about him … less fits what happened. I still think that there is something strange in all this and I would like some day to know the true.


Chester saved millions but millions couldn’t him


“In disbelief that this is real”


Thank you for this. It appears we are all still looking for an answer to this situation. I don’t think we’ll ever be the same after what happened. But we will always appreciate and love all that Chester did for everyone. I don’t care what anyone says, to me he was a great inspiration and one of the best people out there.