Looking for Concert footage from Manila


As I said on my first blog I would like to make a full concert video from manila, I have managed to get the whole show from my pov. But need some more angles so please post link for youtube if you already uploaded. And what name you wish to use for crediting you…

This is gonna take some time to finish once i have enough angles to make a complete show…but once it is done i will uploaded for all to see on youtube

Video requirements:

Video’s must be HD Either 720p or 1080p, were living in 2013 now :smiley:
and should not be edited

Video footage from the left and right side of the VIP area, Gold Section, and Far views like GA so we can see the whole audience.

Sharing the video you shoot with me.

The best would be to share your original footage so that no more compression can be done to the video and reducing the image quality…

For those that are willing you can use dropbox (1GB), google drive (15GB) or skydrive(8GB).

But for them who already uploaded can send their youtube link

PM me the link here with your name. The names or alias is gonna be used to credit you.
in the description of the video and link to your youtube channel and also in the end credits


Try this bro.

Its a 720p taken from my ipad mini. VIP left. It’s divided into two videos. uploading of the second half on-going.


Thanks Aluaman…That’s awesome…
720p is good as my final video will be downscaled to 720p


[quote=Q2k]Thanks Aluaman…That’s awesome…
720p is good as my final video will be downscaled to 720p[/quote]

Hi Q2k,

May I suggest also bro you try posting your request to the Linkin Park Philippines fb group.


I believe there are fellow LPU’ers and LPPH members that can help you on your phenomenal and awesome project.

Good luck bro!



i have a few crappy vids in my channel. hehehe. and i’m still uploading others (castle of glass and faint).



thanks guys…
I will check out LPPH forgot about that lol…


Made a teaser, big thanks to all who provided some footage…


might I suggest you that the audio and video be seperate.


may I ask what you mean separated ?


Just a tiny update,I been swapped with workso I could not just get it done but lastnight I finally got to sync all the footage now.

Again if you haven’t shared some footage of the Manila Concert you still can…


i think he means that the audio should come in a single source and that source must be in good quality keep up man… ive been waiting for this