Looking for HD quality picture from LP site and facebook


Hi Guys,

My room has always been full op LP/Chester flags, posters and paintings. Since I moved in with my girlfriend she didn’t want me to put them on the walls anymore. Now that Chester has passed away she told me I can put one nice and as big as I like picture of Chester on the wall in out living room.
Since I’ve been to the Ziggo Dome show and I love THIS picture that has been taken there I’m looking to get it as big as possible and in the best quality as possible.
Does anyone know where I can get this as big and good as possible as I want to put it on the wall 140x50cm and the Facebook quality turns ugly that size.

Thanks in advance!


I need it too! I tried to already make it bigger myself, but the quality suffers too much :’( I need it as poster for my wall.

any techs gurus here or someone with bigger version of the picture in question?


Here’s the biggest version I could find online


Thanks, It’s somewhat better but however I think it’s still not good enough quality to make it as big as I prefer.


someone somewhere has been able to print it out as a poster and it seems to be good quality too, I’m jealous!
I tried to ask in twitter if anyone has the bigger version of picture, but I haven’t got an answer yet


The photographer mentioned that he worked for the band that night, so maybe the LPU could get the original high quality file and upload it here for us?
I’m also looking for it! Thanks


that would be more than awesome, I’m hoping we will get it big and in good quality <3