Looking for Mike's t-shirt with wing sleeves


In recent tour footage, Mike had on a dark t-shirt with feathers printed on the sleeves. I’d love to know where to get this shirt. Anyone recognize the brand?


What footage was it from? Could you maybe take a printscreen of it, so we have a better understanding?


In the most recent LPTV - Euro tour pt. 3. He’s wearing it at the Vienna show. See 2.20 and 2.36, and closer up at 3min.


Yeah… I found that hoodie of his. I loved it so much I wanted to get it but changed my mind after seeing the price. It’s from a brand in Milan, Italy and it costs $200.The brand is called Marcelo Burlon (site here). The hoodie is not available anymore but there is a shirt with the same design here


Pretty great collection! I guess I’m unlikely to be getting this stuff.