Looking to sell some of my autographed LP memorabilia (Ugh!)


Well, the time has come for my girlfriend to move in with me, and in order to be fair to her, I need to let go of some of my memorabilia. I do have a lot to sell, and I don’t even know if I should be posting this here or not, but I wouldn’t want to sell my stuff to non LP fans.

On that note, if you would like to know what I have to sell, then please private message me on here and we’ll take it from there.

Thanks everyone!



That’s awful. :frowning: Do they really take up that much space?


Pretty much lol. One whole wall in my living room has all LP. From a signed HT ep framed with the original bands HT t-shirt, as well as a signed ATS poster that is also framed. As well as my signed HT, MTM, THP signed cd booklets, as well as signed ticket stubs, etc. lol there’s a lot, and I think I’d like to pass it down to other LP fans who would be interested. I’m 30 and gonna be married soon so it’s time I believe haha. Of course it’s not about age!


Yeah it’s definitely not about age (There are a lot of LPUers in their 30s, as well as 50+)…
Some family members told me I was getting “too old” for LPU already when I was 19 while moving out. I just ignore it, since it doesn’t make any sense. But they also made me get rid of all my LP posters and shirts, which I regret a lot still. Got a lot of new stuff since 2011 again, but still missing my old stuff, especially all the LP/LPU shirts.

But there’s no need for you to get rid of your stuff, just take some, or all of it, off your walls…
I would never want to get rid of my LP stuff voluntarily, especially signed. (And I live in a 20 sq meter studio haha)
They’re great memorabilia, and you can still put them in a special box or hang them in a less visible place or other room if your girlfriend doesn’t want to see them.

Just want to make sure you don’t regret this later.


Have to agree!!
Don’t get rid, just pack away.
Take the Mrs to concert or even better a M&G so she can understand what an awesome group of guys LP are…


Oh yes, I am firmly placed into the 50+ fan group. Just turned 56 and love it…


hey bro, pls email me what you have loulax07@hotmail.com


Don’t sell them! I’d rather see the guys sign my stuff than to buy signed things. Store them somewhere safe so you’ll still have them to look at from time to time


To be fair to her??? She’s moving to your place, you’re not moving in with her… I say keep it displayed, or find a new wall… Other than that don’t sell it man!!!


You should keep them for your kids to come :smiley:to make sure they grow up with great music!!! :smile:


Lol geeze guys, all the support here is pretty cool. I will say, though, that I decided to keep most of my items! I’m only selling duplicates of what i have. Gotta share the wealth with the LP universe! :smile:


They’ll definitely have great music to listen to, no doubt about it! :smile:


True, but we are splitting the mortgage, so I think she deserves a wall or two lol. I’ve decided to only sell 2-3 things that I have duplicates of :smile:


Well if she is contributing to income and bills… Good choice on only selling duplicates…


yeah good choice if i sell any LP/LPU memorabilia it would only be doubles:)


Would love to see what you have to potentially buy some stuff. Shoot me an e-mail at mccflo99@gmail.com