Lost In The Echo is PERFECT


That is all…


I love Lost in the Echo.


Agreed. It’s my favorite track on the new album. It has the basic framework of Mike’s rap verses/Chester’s singing chorus and energy of Papercut from HT + crazy screaming reminiscent of Blackout from ATS + the all new electro-rock feel to it from LIVING THINGS.


Word. Possibly one the best songs LP has ever made.


My fav from LT and most likely will be one of my fav overall of LP albums


So far on this new album most people have said that Lost In The Echo is their favorite song, so I’m hoping that there will be a music video for it so that it’s even better.


of corse!


Yeah you’re absolutely right, it’s very much like Papercut, just evolved :stuck_out_tongue: The screaming isn’t too much so it’s appealing to people who aren’t into that kinda stuff, Chester’s voice has even gotten stronger with age, and it’s such a funky beat. Love this track.


“Tight” is the word I’d use to describe LitE. Tight beat, tight raps, tight screams. It’s fantastic, and probably the closest thing LP has come to reinventing Hybrid Theory in a long time.

Also, THANK YOU MIKE for throwing in some fast rapping in this song! God I miss this style.


Completely agree, 100%. One of the best songs on the album.


Indeed it is :smiley:


agrees. any words are superfluous. it’s perfect


Lost in the cecho is just so eargasmic! :smiley:


hell yeah LITE is freaking awesome song. it’s one of my fav from LT album:)


argh this song is just so damn amazing!!! its actually the best song EVER by Linkin Park FULL STOP


Word. Possibly one the best songs LP has ever made.[/quote]

You are totally right


This song totally caught me! The lyrics are perfect, everything about it is perfect! I love how Chester’s screams at the ending of the song make what he’s saying even more intense. Mike’s rap is so powerful and hard-hitting. I can relate to it all. Truly magnificent!!!


Agreed! Awesome track!


LIVING THINGS is perfect ; )


Best track on this album !