Lost Linkin Park songs


Hi everybody. My cat has decided that my computer was too old, made it fall and broke it. My only problem is that some of my LP songs were only on this computer and I don’t know how to get them. Does anybody can help me ?
I would love to ear Viscera again and the 2 songs from Fort minor.


Viscera is for free download on LPAssociation.
What FM songs you’re looking for? If Welcome, then it’s also for free download on FM website. If any other, downloading them is illegal and you have to buy The Rising Tied and rip tracks from CD. But I think Fort Minor - We Major mixtape was also for free download.


Hello xTirea, thank you for your answer. I found the viscera album. But I can’t download Welcome by Fort Minor. Do you have a valid link to get it?


It should be on FM website. I checked this site and I can’t find it this time. But I’m on mobile phone, maybe when I check it on PC I’ll find it.


I think the url to download Welcome is taken down cause I tried to access it last week and this week again and keep getting the same screen.

Have you tried Spotify? FM’s Welcome is on there. It’s not downloadable but you can still listen to it as much as you like :smile:


The free download of Welcome was available for only a week (same for the instrumental and acapella). You can always buy it on iTunes or Google Music or Amazon or whichever platform you best prefer.


Thank you all for your answers.