Lost Soul - Afterlife


Poetry helps me cope, so here’s a piece. I’m gonna start posting alot of my writing here, because like I said, writing helps me cope. Also, today marks 3 weeks officially! I don’t have the urge to grab a sharp object to hurt myself. Self harm is a bitch, but I’m strong. Getting myself back together mentally. And i’m feeling a little better, dealing with food poisoning sucks, but i’m getting better physically :black_heart::black_heart:

I’m just a lost soul,
With no place to go.
I dream of you when I sleep at night,
Wishing you were by my side to hold me tight.
I am so lost and confused without you,
Because there’s no one else for me to turn to.
I am just a lost soul,
With no place to go.
My heart is suffering so much pain,
And at times I think I’m going insane.
If you could see me now you wouldn’t be pleased,
I am waiting for the pain to ease.
I am a lost soul,
With no place to go.
I have to remind myself that one day the suffering will end,
And my heart will finally begin to mend.
I will again live the way I should,
would be doing it now if I could.
I am a lost soul,
With no place to go.
I am walking the Earth with no drive to go on,
Because my life has no purpose now since you’re gone.
Why did I let myself sink so low?
I am a lost soul with no place to go!


This is piece of art
Thank you for this
I think many can relate to this

Me and a group of us have a lyric group that come together and work on lyrics together called The Unity Of Us

Check out our works and get in touch if you are interested in joining in

Also I do lyrics that lay here in the barracks section of the forum or if you search ace masters
You should be able to find it

Keep you heart open and pure like this and keep writing