Love for chester


It isn’t he didn’t love his family. It isn’t he didn’t love his band mates. It isn’t he didn’t love his fans. He just wasn’t strong enough to fight any more. He held a powerful presence not only with the people in his life but with his fans as well. We all listened as he screamed for help and we all hoped it would have helped him as he had helped us through our rough times. We all could relate in so form. We didn’t know him personally but we grew to love him. He will be sorely missed. There is a hole in the universe where he should be. I pray for him and his family everyday. I pray for our lord to forgive his soul and to hug him hard. I pray for our lord to take care of his family. He left behind 6 children and 3 beautiful women and they all need our lords hand to heal. I pray they all get through this together. I pray for Linkin Park members. Their future hangs in the air. I don’t see the band name being the same without Chester. I pray for them to find their ways when the time comes. We will miss them so much. They are a big part of our lives and have been for 18 years. Much love to all those who were affected. I pray we can all heal together. Never stop listening to Linkin Park. Always keep his family and his friends in your hearts and in your prayers.