LP Albums


What is your favorite album? and what is your least favorite album, if you had to choose, and why?


My favorite album is ‘A Thousand Suns

Just everything about that album I loved. Mikes raps, the diversity of that album even on the same song it could change completely ‘Blackout’, ‘The Catalyst’ for example. But I think the one thing that gets me is apart from my love of all things Nuclear (I know the album portrays Nuclear war for what it is. - It’s bad) but the one thing that gets me is that you could listen to the entire album, start to finish like you’re supposed to and at the end of it feel complete in a way if that makes sense. At least for me, I do anyway.

My least favorite album would have to be Recharged. It’s a great album but I’m just not a big fan of electronic stuff.


For a favorite it’s kind of a hard choice. I’m gonna go with Meteora though. The songs on that album hold the most meaning to me. Not that the other albums don’t hold meaning to me. I like them all but one. Which leads me to my least favorite. Which is without a doubt, Recharged. I can’t stand the dub step type remixes.


  1. LT
  2. ATS/Meteora
  3. HT/MTM

I don’t rate RECHARGED because it’s a remix album and 12/15 tracks aren’t really by Linkin Park themselves.
But I love all the stuff and it’s really hard to choose.


Well, if you add in “Across the Line”, “Pretend to Be”, and “What We Don’t Know”, I’d say Minutes to Midnight. Otherwise, I’d say Meteora.


My favorite album is ‘A Thousand Suns’…
I do not know why … But when I became a fan of them, it was their last album, and I was listening it very often … And as for me, this album is more than all reflect the essence of the whole group :slight_smile: Hybrid Theory … As for me it is exactly this album would fit for this title)


My favourite is A Thousand Suns it’s soo amazing love you linkin park (no homo) and least is probably hybrid theory


I love each of them equally…


Here and rightly so …)) They are all great. But tastes change over time and listen to them no longer want …


Hard to say because the albums were hugely important to me in different parts of life. Right now I would say A Thousand Suns because it was so well crafted, unique, and bold. That whole album felt like living a movie. In my past Meteora and Hybrid Theory were my friends.

I was never that into Minutes to Midnight. Attention to detail and complexity of the sound was a big part of what I loved about the band and the raw, toned down style of that album was the opposite of that.


My favorite album is Meteora, the least favorite is A Thousand Suns (I would say Recharged like some of you, but I don’t see it as a proper album).