LP and Deftones


Over and over… I cant understand that kinda "fans". Its really THAT cool and hard to swear at a band you dont even know. Yeah, everybody finds some critical points bout his/her fave band, not everybody is happy with everything. And thats right, not every stone LP touches turns into a gold nugget. Now the point is : Mike already said, a few years ago, that the Deftones were like kinda role models and theyre admiring them. As a big "Thank You" from Deftones fans there are now lots of rude comments on You Tube concerning the cover of "My Own Summer ". So now Id like to hear some serious opinions of serious people ( I guess ) bout LPs relation to the Deftones. Notice : I dont want you to hate the Deftones or their fans, surely there are more serious, true fans thant the ones youre getting on YT. Also, I think that the Deftones are doing a good job, without hating LP and cmon : They are covering some tracks, too.


…You’re really THAT concerned with people talking shit about a cover that LP performed OVER TEN YEARS AGO? This is like, ancient history (in Linkin Park terms) by now. A lot of current LPU’ers were probably still in preschool the last time LP even performed My Own Summer…


I’m not concerned about what Deftones fans say about LP. I don’t give a shit about that. I like Deftones and I’m curious for their new album.


Yeah, it seems like that, but in fact : I hardly care about people leaving just shit on the internet, only for the reason tobe cool or whatever. I doubt the fact that these guys use their heads otherwise than banging it to stupid rhythms. Enough flat talk now : So, I`m not exactly complaining bout Deftones fans ( I just found that example, cause I was also looking for their new album ; ). Sorry, if you got me wrong : )


@linkinparkrocks I guess, I’ve got your point. But for me, these childish fans are irrelevant and they don’t anger me.

But I can tell you WHAT I’m concerned about: I get pissed, when other artists, to be exact, Dave Grohl
(Nirvana / Foo Fighters) offend Linkin Park Look it up here. That’s already a while ago, but I won’t forget. What a F…ing A…hole.


Thats a shame for every serious musican and every serious rock band. Its just childish and completly brainless to offend bands that never attacked you. But the worst of it all : Maybe it`s their opinion ( Every band got some haters ), but I only accept a critical statement, if you can tell everybody the reasons you built it on. Not only in LP related things !