LP and MBTI types


Discover recently that i seem to be that thing called INFP male in the MBTI which completely solved my life’s puzzle.
That doesn’t happen to the other 15 types… Life’s no puzzle to them!

It turns out i am an extremist as well, since my instinct hits off the charts which, i believe, has given me the “gift” to be able to point out other INFPs out there.
So does my Introversion, so does my Perception in contrast to Judging.

The way i point them out is the reflection of their thoughts with mine since I never cared for anything else than feelings, thoughts that resemble my inner world.

LP has always been the clearest mirror to this infinity inside me so i have taken it for granted that someone in there is an extremist INFP as well.

I hope i get to meet you guys next time you visit us here in Greece!
(make it soon?)

your No2 Greek fan :slightly_smiling:
(My 10y younger sister believes she has outranked me but i can take her any time!! :stuck_out_tongue: )


Hey, welcome to the community :slightly_smiling: Unfortunately none of the guys from the band come here so they won’t see your message but the rest of us are glad to have a new person among out midst.

Also, if I recall correctly I’m an ISTP apparently.


Maybe someone knows, so i had to put it out there! :wink:

Thanks for the response!
maybe we make this thread an MBTI poll to see what types of people like LP

ISTP and INFP confirmed! :sweat_smile:


That’d be interesting. Maybe link a test in the thread for those that don’t know.


good idea :smile:





I found that I’m either INFP or INTP-T. Would be cool to know LP’s as well. :slight_smile:


LOL nice topic, but isn´t this kind of test only created by whomever to collect personaldata? I don´t mind about but I think it sure is…my result is (ESFP-A) “the entertainer” :joy:


LOL, I once took this joke test for fun. Funny how people base their life on it.
Also, when it comes to LP, if any of them has taken a (legit) test for this, the results are personal and shouldn’t concern any of us.


I am ISFP-T “The Adventurer”. Lol @The_early_walker my result is actually quite close to yours.


Do you wonder about? :joy: @samuel_the_leader/ edit cs forg tagging


About what?


That our results are so close? @samuel_the_leader


Lol I was wondering what you were wondering…


ot that question of you makes me wondering too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @samuel_the_leader


@xTirea exactly the same here.
Turbulent (T) means LP fan :smile:
@EvoOba I took this test 15 years ago to score INTP.
The difference between INTP and INFP is vast!

I didn’t want to base my life on it but once i found out my real type it was liberating!
After spending years on computer science when i should be writing poems instead lol

i bet Mike is INFP!


Depends on how everyone sees it I guess.


It’s based on Carl Jung’s theories.
If you ask me, it’s terribly important to know early but you are too young to know the real answers!

for INFPs it is a big story!
makes us realize that it’s ok that our head to heart balance is in such a mess that only LP music can heal!

LP tames my nature…


Well, like I said, it is how everyone sees it. Personally I don’t believe any test can truly define who I am or how I act and why I choose to do X thing this way and not that way.

It is science but it’s not for everyone.

Young? So, what age is an appropriate one to take this test?


I got INTJ-T, architect. Nice quiz!