LP back in Belgium to headline Pukkelpop!


I’m not sure if many people from Belgium (or just anyone interested in attending) are reading this forum…

But anyway, just wanted to share my thoughts here, since Linkin Park announcing a date in Belgium doesn’t happen very often (unless you call 2001, 2011 and 2015 often :smile:).
Even though the announcement was 4 days ago, it’s still hard for me to believe they are returning to our country. I can’t express my happiness… Which I’m sure a lot of Belgian fans can relate to!

So who else is planning to attend Pukkelpop to see LP? Are you going the whole weekend or just Thursday 20/08? Are you entering for a M&G (if LPU), or trying to be in the front row?
Let me know, whether you’re from Belgium or not.

If you have any questions regarding Pukkelpop, you can write them here in the same topic. Keep it clean. :slight_smile:

Also: here’s a proper translation of the description for LP’s page on pukkelpop.be, which is totally true:
Search all over the world, you can hardly find more loyal fans than Linkin Park’s. For years, they’ve been screaming for a return of their heroes in our wishlists, and bombard our Twitter begging us to get the band to Pukkelpop. Their prayers are heard today; on Thursday, August 20th, Linkin Park will headline at the Pukkelpop Mainstage. This will be only their third time in Belgium since they formed in 1996. Currently, Linkin Park is doing a world tour with their sixth studio album “The Hunting Party”, and this summer they will turn Pukkelpop on its head.

For all the people who live in countries LP rarely ever/never plays in (I know there are a lot), I hope you will get your chance as well! LP is doing more new/rarely played countries, which is awesome. I have some good hopes for the future!


Hey, i just wanna go the thursday.
I think the best way to get a meet and greet is by interrrupting a JIM intervieuw with Eline.
What is the official way of M&G?
I’m so happy to see them! But also scary that people who never listened to their song have a better place than me. Festivals…


For every LPU member there is an official way of getting a M&G at nearly every show, through LPU Lottery. 6 months before the date is still very early… Closer to August you will find a M&G link on http://linkinpark.com/events/326763 (LPUHQ will also announce this on this site and social media) where you can enter for the M&G. If you’re selected you will receive an email a few days before Pukkelpop.

If you want a good spot you might have to skip the M&G and arrive at the entrance very early (that’s what I’m planning most likely).

What do you mean with interrupting a JIM interview with Eline, did they already say something about interviewing LP? :stuck_out_tongue: (I would much rather prefer Sean to do the interview, like at Werchter 2011 ha)


I know your feeling! In Poland we haven’t a lot of LP shows (2007, 2012, 2014 and 2015). But in the future every LP tour in EU = show in Poland, I think. It’s great.

It’s amazing. Finland, Poland, Belgium, Belarus. Woah. Hope for more tours like this, but without Germany :stuck_out_tongue:


I was so happy when I learned the news. I wasn’t able to go to their last concert in Belgium in 2011. It will be my 4th LP concert but the first one in my own country. I can’t wait !!!


I’m totally going to ‘Poekelpop’ :-D, it’s 10mins from my home. Probaly will go every day, I want to see Limp Bizkit as well (also a big part of my growing-up-years)…
Last year I went to Montreal after winning the Hunting Party contest set up by Warner Music BE and Studio Brussel, but a M&G wasn’t included in the prize, so I hope to get a chance to meet them in August :-).

Oh and I really hope to finally meet you here too IRL An :slight_smile:


I’m from Belgium an SO SO SOO happy they come to pullelpop this year, bad luck is that my dad has to work that nights and can’t take a day of, now I hope my cousin hasn’t got exams and if he hasn’t , I wil definetly go (:


Let me cry in your arms for a moment. Hehe. I hope they visit my country soon :blush: Enjoy the show.


i’ll be going all 3 days ^-^ Always like the festival Pukkelpop. i’m not doing a M&G their are to many bands i want to see that day already:p xD so i’ll be running around their :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m so happy that they come to Belgium! I’m doubting for a year if I should joint LPU… I think I will set this step now. I’m already preparing myself for the 20t of August :stuck_out_tongue:


Helloooooooooooooooo defenetly going to Pukkelpop for 3 days like every year since 1986 :wink:…and Linkin Park is every year on my list so my prayers are heard this time …whoop whoop i only live like 10 min drive from Pukkelpop i live in the city called Genk …these boards are changed since i joint it in 2003 everything is weird the boards back then were mutch better if you ask me… :disappointed:


Dude, M&G only takes like an hour of your time, haha. For me seeing an LP show from the back, while not getting to meet them is a ‘disaster’ haha, especially on such special occasion like them being in Belgium. You gotta at least sign up for the M&G. :slight_smile: I’m not getting a M&G myself (since I will already attend a M&G elsewhere) but I’m going for the front row 100%. For me this is a top priority show to attend from the front row. (Werchter from all the way in the back kinda sucked :frowning: )


Looking forward to meet you as well Bart! Although I’ll be in the front row so we gotta meetup after the show… :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck with the M&G!


I live in Holland, but am considering to go to PukkelPop. A part of me kind of hopes they will come to a Dutch festival too, though :smile: IF I go, of course I want to be front row! And a Meet&Greet seems awesome, but I’m no M&G type because I’m afraid I might go Troy on them:


Definitely try to find someone to go with you if you can’t go alone. Anyone you know and trust, or pay back their 1 day ticket if they don’t like LP as much as you haha. Don’t skip this rare opportunity to see them in Belgium. Who knows how many years it will take until their next show here.

If you’re old enough to go alone you can still go by yourself and meetup with other LPUers/LP fans at the festival. There will be a meetup planned, details soon.

I always plan to attend shows by myself since 2011, but I always end up with other people. Thanks to this community it’s easy to make friends that you can attend LP shows with, or meet at the shows.

I doubt they will play Lowlands since 21st is the only date left and 4 festivals in a row without day off would be impossible for them. Normally they take a day off after 2 shows.

But you guys had your recent show in Amsterdam already haha. I’m sure they’ll return soon.

Definitely join the LPU! For $20/year you already have a chance to meet them at Pukkelpop! Plus there are so many other benefits of being in the LPU besides free M&Gs (Early Entry at headline shows, Presale tickets, prenium packages, LPU summits, LPU chat with other members and occasionally band members. a very cool package with LPU items if you choose the full membership, etc etc etc…)


IF i cant go i’ m gonna be so mad XD but if I wil I probably can’t go with other LPUers… But I wil try to do that (:


I hope you can go!

You can always meet up with LPUers at the festival (as I said there will be a meetup, but I won’t be able to meet up there since I will be lining up for the front row early in the morning). There will be some LPUers at the M&G, and walking around at the festival, other LPUers will be in the front row. You’ll see some of them no matter what, just check the shirts or laminates. :slight_smile:


I assume most of us will buy the Thursday ticket next week?
At least I will. I’m so glad they added 2 days camping to the 1 day tickets. :smiley:


Lol my uncle works for security on festivals, he’s gonna look for someone with who I can go and is gonna fix it for me that i wil stand in front.
He’s gonna make sure a I have company and that a colleague from him watches over me, brings me in front… Cuz I’m not even 16 ),: I won’t go alone for sure:D


Got my ticket! Whoohoow!
Now nervously wait for the possibility to enter the M&G contest! Really want to meet the guys!