LP bootlegs downlaods


Hey guys Im New here to the forum i joined the Lpu at the 24th london gig it was my 3rd concert and this Lp concert at the o2 london was the best i was on stage got a picture with cheste and mike yeah very lukcy person but im wondering if linkin park are stil doing the recording of the live shows if so where i can i download it from any help is welcome thanks guys.


Sadly they haven’t been doing them lately


the last was 2012 i think but i relly want a copy of it i would pay anything just to get a copy of it


Somebody asked about them at the Summit in Darien Center. Jim Digby (LP’s tour manager) confirmed that Pooch still records every show and archives them.

As far as I know, they ceased offering the downloads because they weren’t selling that well (when they first started releasing them, fans would buy them and offer them for free to the public), and some venues (like Jones Beach in New York City) wanted a portion of the profits from the downloads.

Every show is still recorded, though, and kept in the LP vault until further notice.