LP goes Rock am Ring


Tomorrow u can buy Tickets f�¼r RaR and RiP and LP is Headliner. Does anyone know if way just play Hybrid Theory like at the Download Festival? Or what kind of Setlist would be ur favourit?


Recently mike said that the new LP album will be out before July…So I hope there will be some new songs in the setlist


Great news!!!


just bought my ticket to RaR! 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012(m&g)[/signature]


I have my ticket already! I hope they play Hybrid Theory, that would be awesome :slight_smile:


So far, HT in full on the setlist is a Download exclusive.

Already attending Download, and before I decide to buy any tickets for RAR/RIP I want to wait and see what other dates will be confirmed (I’ve been hoping and praying so hard for Rock Werchter (July 3-6) here in Belgium to be confirmed by the band for their next tour, who knows… So far they played that festival only once :/) and decide later. I also think the tickets are very expensive too… I just wish there were more festivals that sell 1 day tickets right away. I don’t want to/can’t afford to pay €200 just to see LP all the time.
Would be cool to attend RAR/RIP one day though, but I guess it’s no disaster for me now to miss, since the band plays there all the time… Plenty of oportunities!


Im flying down again :smiley:


I´ll be there :slight_smile:


Well, I hope they gonna play Hybrid Theorie and Meteora at RAR 2014

And it would be amazing if they offer the day before an MEET&GREET for us :slight_smile:

I’m LP fan since 8 years but this will be my first LP concert, 'cause I missed RAR 2012 and and this year they didn’t played -.-

I got my ticket and I’m so excited :smiley:


Hopefully they’ll do :confused: 2012 they hosted a M&G, about 45 minutes before they started playing.


Finally :wink: was starting to get worried that i would not get them


hope to meet some lpu mebers there!


I’ll be there too :slight_smile:

I was talking to a friend some days before they announced the headliners and I said: “I hope LP, Metallica and Iron Maiden will be there this year…” But I didn’t realy thought that LP and Metallica will play this year, because they were just headlining RAR in 2012.
But then the Headiner were announced and I couldnt believe it :slight_smile:
I’m already so excited


I have a ticket :slight_smile:


I havn’t time!


I am going to RAR as well. Together with An van Oppens and Kelly Gios! I absolutely cannot wait!

I don’t have a preference for a setlist. I absolutely love all albums. On Pinkpop 2012 they played a lot of HT songs as well.
But a good mix is fine for me. I hope the new album will be released soon. So that we can hear some new songs!


Less than 50 days to Rock am Ring! Wohoooo xD excited, this year its my 7th RaR :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Wish you all a great time




Enjoy it!