Lp high


its been a long time since i have heard of the bunny meme @intheend how is she?


Oh okay well since I am still in high school I am in


I’ve got alllll of this :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:. I mean all same reaction from my side too.

And at the last an applause :clap: for bunny.

So yea. I am in what to do ? I am in.


i’d like to go to LP high though


No way, it has to be done :smirk:
One More Light would be honest and sensitive scholars and The Hunting Party obsessed with politic :joy:

It would be nice to do like the hat thing in Harry Potter if there are too many schools


This :joy: actually, when I saw the title I assumed it was somebody exaggerating saying they were feeing high off of being here of coming back from a concert or something like that


me i just literally thought that there were videos of the LP guys being high


And i thought it’s about a programme or something that band members are organizing :joy:


Thanx for the tag- I feel highly honored :joy: and you have heard about Mimosa Island ? We are all high there :stuck_out_tongue:

Throwing some gummies into @intheend‘s direction


Was totally going to tag you but I forgot what came first after lp13…

But first you gotta pick what high school or we can change them into colleges


It’s just for fun, I went back to the archives to find this. Soooooo, we can do whatever I want.


Good fluffy, because you really didn’t have a choice -.-

Pick a high school or college, but pick wisely >;)


:3 good Steph, good little cookie




It’s totally fine, you’re going back -.-


Sooo am I the only one who’s still lost?


She wants to take over a town and turn it into a high school where LP related content is taught. It’s in the OP.


Thanks. Wait what?


Don’t listen to him. When I first post this in 2013 it was as a meme joke. This is just for play, like really.


I am in the lost city too.

?! What!
But what to do actually??