Lp high


Why is this thread so difficult to comprehend? :joy:


That’s the only question we’ve been asking since 1st posr :sweat_smile::joy::joy: this is 62nd now! Do you wanna reach 100 with suspense or wanna close the thread till suspense? :stuck_out_tongue:




Dude… okay. It’s for fun but what do i have to do in this thread?


That’s my question and nobody says! :joy:


Exactly! Nobody answers! Post no. 66 now!


@intheend should answer that. For what I know, you have to join a fraternity.




Did you know the scientific term for a group of male chumps is a fraternity?


…we are not boys…we are all girls


Well peanut if you read the first post! You will know!! Pick a school to go to. That’s the first thing. The city is the forums, different schools for fun.


My pick, MHS. Writing is my thing.


I’m enrolling in hths I like the uniform though @intheend what’s up bunny


I am good at writing songs so I guess I would be MHS too


@StephLP18 I think you would be better off at mtm


Okay I will go there don’t see that one


update! 6 different schools/colleges:

Hybrid Theory style
Meteora style
Reanimation style
Living Things style
Minutes to Midnight style
A Thousand Suns(freshman/sophomore)/One more Light (jr/senior)

rhs = J. Hahn schooling: Tech & Design- best known for its animation and computer designs

mhs = MKS school for Arts- best known for its arts: writing, theater

hths = Bradford school of music- best known for its band and choir

mtmhs = Robert Bourdon High School for- best known for its arts and music program

ats/oml = Phoenix Academy for- architecture & science

lths = The CB Academic: uniform academic for very very smart people.

I will be updating the outfits and stuff around the forum city

@framos1792 check again


Hahn academy :sunglasses:


Noooooooo Hahn academy is private :sunglasses:


Ok, I’m in Rob art school :sunglasses: