LP In Texas


THANK YOU Linkin Park for coming to Houston last night! It was an amazing show, best show I have ever seen! So glad I was able to meet you guys. Now I want to listen to you even more (as if I don’t listen to LP al the time already!) It was great to see so many die hard fans and such a spectacular performance!


That show last night was such an amazing performance. Thats my 3rd time seeing them and they always blow it out the water. I will want to see them anytime they come to houston.


awsome show for sure, cant wait till the next one


the show was truly amazing! just dissapointed i wasnt selected for meet and greet :confused:


It was the best! That’s was the 4th time I went to see Linkin Park play.
Also, yesterday I had a chance to meet & greet the band.