LP in Wisconsin for Summerset 2015 6.30.15


Hey all so me and my mom will be seeing LP in WI this June! However we don’t have tickets yet (mom said no in November and has since changed her mind), we’ve also never been to that venue, so could any tell me about their past experiences with the shows at that venue, like what the layout is like, best places to be seated (Section/Row wise), etc! That’d be much appreciated.

And since we don’t have tickets yet, does anyone know of any reliable sites to buy resale tickets from? Ticketmaster still had some left from the venue, but they aren’t really where we’d like to be sitting, any help on that would also be much appreciated, I’m hoping to get tickets this week!

Thank you!


I’ve never been there, but I will be going! Unfortunately, I’ve never bought resold tickets before, so I can’t help you there. Some others said they were going on here: 06.30.2015 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Thanks for the reply! I’m really excited! And I haven’t either so I don’t really know where to shop! Would it be worthwhile to ask on that thread if anyone knows of a good reliable site?


I would try the LPLive.net forums, they’re all about live Linkin Park shows, and probably know the best where to get tickets


Thanks for the help, very much appreciated!