LP-Incubus Tour. Why are Incubus fans LP haters?


I was on facebook looking at the incubus page… and wsa really shocked to read all of the comments. They are serious LP haters… I just dont understand… Some were saying LP should have an opening 5 min set… Ummm they do understand this is a LP concert right??? Ughhh Im very disturbed but proud that my fellow LPU family has more class than that…


Music is very personal, people got different tastes, I don’t hate on anyone for what they like. Hopefully all these haters hate LP so much they leave after Incubus’ set so the pit isn’t as crowded for LP.


I agree! Well said :slight_smile: If they “hate” LP so much… they can just wait for the incubus tour lol


I totally agree. I am a Linkin Park fan and an Incubus fan and I also saw what was said on the Incubus facebook. But looking at how totally different their sounds are it isn’t all that surprising. The haters can’t handle the awesomeness that LP brings at every event. [biggrin]


haha!! That must be it!! because LP is awesome!!! Just silly for them to act that way… I like many different genres of music but I dont hate on ppl who like something I dont care for…


I love both bands the same way but in terms of who has the better fans, I would say Linkin Park. I’ve heard many things said about LP over the years from fans of any band and they have not been good. Just sticking with Incubus here, LP fans have been showing respect towards Incubus. Definitely LP fans have been showing more class. I am disappointed in Incubus fans right now because they are showing the same courtesy their own band is showing.

These are some of the things I have come concluded over the years.

I think the reason is it’s because they (include me too duh!) are more diverse in their musical taste so they are more open to a different sound. This was set from the beginning because we knew LP was an “hybrid” band. Incubus fans aren’t really that open about this.

Comment from aaron from IncubusHQ.com in response to the tour:

“that’s gonna be a weird mix in the crowd.”

In really it is not. No matter how long of a fan from either of the band you are, you will notice that the opposite band is usually listed as a recommendation for similar bands you may enjoy. When buying tickets, to say an LP concert, you’ll see recommendations for other artists you may enjoy like Incubus. If you listen to music on Spotify and type in Linkin Park, you’ll see the Incubus related artists. For Incubus, though you won’t get Incubus, you will get Rage Against The Machine, Korn, and Limp Bizkit which is in the same ball park as Linkin Park. The early years of Incubus is the reason for this. It seems Incubus fans have forgotten this. Even both Brandon and Chester have said on Loveliine that both bands have always been two ships passing through but never meeting because of this similarity. Not to mention, both have a DJ.

Linkin Park (I think it was Chester) in the early 2000 that they would like to tour with Incubus. Since then, I have been waiting for this. Incubus is the older band here. They feel since Incubus came first and therefore LP should opening for Incubus. There’s debate on who will open first. Both bands have been asked this but they haven’t really been given an anwers. think that Incubus may open first according to some of the fan comments facebook. That is making them upset. LP doesn’t care. Chester pointed out on Loveline that they could open at noon for all he cares.

Another is who is Incubus fans think that Linkin Park is commercial. Though both bands are, LP is more.This really isn’t LP’s fault. Incubus was from a time that it was about getting your music out there through word of mouth. There’s tons of Incubus flyiers from when they were first to prove this. LP is more from a time that it was through the internet that they got their name out there. The first street team member were chat buddies on the net. LP saw the internet as a great opportunity. They are one of the first artists to us it for that purpose. Now, everyone is using the internet to get their music out there. Brandon Boyd or Incubus said something (I think it was twitter or his facebook page), that they are learning to use the internet to connect to fans and they were old guys and this is new to to them, so to please give them patience to get it right.

I think once they hear LP Live there would be some change of hearts. It’s different when you hear an artist live. LP knows how to to put an AWESOME performance.

Keep it Classy LP soldiers.


I think its more about opening for LP and its obvious that it would be silly for Linkin Park to open up for Incubus. Not dissing the band at all, but it is really common sense that who would close the show respectively, LP is 10 times more popular and heavier. I say they give closing show moments perfect, than Incubus and that’s just the way it is, haters will hate until they grow up and have open mind about how things run at concerts. I love Incubus but their fans are just misunderstood about LP.