LP live 2017+ Honoring Chester at Hollywood Bowl


How great!! LP is going back to Chile! Headlining Movistar Arena with Rise Against!


the movistar arena is so beatiful


Do you think they will come to the uk? @evooba


They will eventually, maybe not on this mini tour, since it’s a festival run, but they will. They always do.


How did I like your post if I wasn’t here till now ? Lol


They are playing Jamaica on February 28th. How cool is that?!


that was really unexpected. They should be playing the new single there I think


Yeah maybe. It’s an awards type of show from what I understood so they might debut it there?


Apparently an Asian tour is in the works. They’re heading to Japan in November.

I Want To Asking

They’re coming! @the_termin8r We are going, I’m kidnapping you.


wow! I hope that they will announce arena shows across the continent (Netherlands too please for gods sake)


I’m still waiting…


Let’s see… They’re in Germany next month as well so… secrets


I saw this and I hope that this is true. Been waiting to see LP live for over 10 years and want to see them at a meet and greet!
If this is true, please let me know


Update: No UK date. It’s just where they’re shipping the A Rig for the other European dates.


Damn it! I had my hopes up for a second. Oh well, I’ll just keep waiting.


Hi, my wife and i going from Brazil to Chile to see the show at Movistar Arena. It would be a pleasure to meet some people there. We are so happy!


Ahhh gutted! I saw this and thought I’d missed something!


Anyone any news on the Amsterdam contest?


How many tickets per person can you buy during an LPU pre-sale? I want to buy more than 1 pre-sale tickets for Amsterdam, but I don’t know if this is possible.